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Our GF6 exploration unit is the most advanced Seismoelectric geophysical instrument worldwide. With it we provide groundwater exploration surveys and equipment rental, where the results can indicate the potential aquifer depth, yield (flow rate) and thickness (where the aquifer begins and ends). Where surveys are completed before drilling begins most test wells become obsolete.

The GF6 differs greatly from traditional exploration technology (VFL, Resistivity and Seismic methods), which are limited to imaging geologic structure variations. The GF6 seismoelectric technology detects only the resistive liquid (freshwater).  If water is detected then hydrogeological information such as permeability, porosity and transmissivity can be approximated.

The AquaLocate team provides groundwater exploration surveys (well location) worldwide. AquaLocate is the sole manufacturer and distributor of the GF6 groundwater exploratory technology. We do not sell franchises or licenses; we sell the GF6 equipment. We provide initial training and offer continued data review (interpretation) support to operators of our systems when requested.

Since 2001 our founders have made the service an affordable option for anyone in need of well water. Our clients consist of:

Residential Home Owners
The Agricultural Communities (Crop and Livestock)
Land Developers (Private & Commercial Well Development)
Realtors (Feasibility Studies)
Well Drilling Professionals (New & Well Rehab Projects)
Oil Drilling Companies (Well Drilling Projects)
The U.S. Military

We have been fortunate to help property owners and Seismoelectric equipment operators on 6 continents and in 19 countries (United States, Australia, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar, New Zealand, Oman, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, St. Kitts, and Zimbabwe). If you need input or advice on your next project, call 800-251-2920.

Training programs and support for GF6 sales are available through AquaLocate and we offer the only recommended training program for the GF6 Seismoelectric equipment distributed by our company, without it we cannot provide on going data collection or data review support.

The first seismoelectric system of its kind, the GF500, was originally developed in 1994 by Dr. R. Clarke of Groundflow, Ltd. Having brought the first unit to the U.S. in 2001, rewritten the software and redesigned the hardware in 2004 and 2012, (patent pending pub NO.: U.S. 2014/0111207 1) and having trained individuals from 19 countries on the technology with students ranging from blue-collar workers to geophysicists, Mr. Kraemer is considered the foremost authority on the technology.

To schedule a survey, get free over the phone information about your area or inquire about equipment sales call 800-251-2920.

Visit, “LIKE” and “SHARE” our Facebook Business page www.facebook.com/AquaLocate for a 5% groundwater survey discount (cannot be combined with other discounts). We gladly offer military and senior survey discounts.  A discount is offered for multi-unit purchases of the GF6 or PL14 (3 or more units ordered).

In 2014 our sister company PetroLocate introduced our PL14 seismoelectric technology which provides direct hydrocarbon indications to very significant depths of over 2,000 meters in suitable survey conditions. Find out more at www.PetroLocate.com.




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